“hello!” Wireless Launch

“hello!” Wireless Launch


Objective: Break through a crowded and active competitive environment to launch Century Tel’s new wireless telephone service for consumers.

Strategy: Overcome seasonal promotions by established competitors with a broadly based, high frequency campaign integrating multiple media channels with very simple and personable messages.

Solution: Every conversation starts with a friendly “hello”.

Results/Commentary: Century Tel was a late entry into the wireless market and was determined to make up ground quickly. The strategy to outreach competitors required simple, repetitive messages that would adapt to a media buy covering radio, newspaper, theatre slides, mall posters, online advertising, FSI and direct mail.

The simple, in-quotes “hello!” became an iconic symbol for consumers’ introduction to a new way to communicate. Consumers recognized that Century Tel’s wireless service gave them new freedom to start conversations without a landline connection.

The launch campaign during the holiday season generated more than 12,000 visits to the new website and achieved conversions 70% greater than the business plan’s projections.