“Pelican Bay”

Pelican Bay

Alside Inc.

Objective: Create and launch a brand strategy to support Alside’s new premium range of shakes and scallops textured and sculpted vinyl siding.

Strategy: Develop a name and imagery to capture the rustic architectural traditions of East Coast and Maritime homes while evoking the durability of coastal building methods.

Solution: “Pelican Bay” Shakes & Scallops Vinyl Siding

Results/Commentary: The Pelican Bay logo depicts the desired coastal imagery with a textured style that reflects the deeply etched feel of genuine cedar shakes and slate scallops. The authentic look of the materials combines with the seashore theme to highlight the product’s resistance to wind and weather and salt sea spray.

The launch package developed for dealers included self-shipping POP packages featuring actual slices of the product, allowing sales staff and customers to experience Pelican Bay’s distinctive “feel” first hand. Presentation materials for in-home sales showed off both shake pattern and the scalloped pattern as full-size samples.

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