“Workshop on wheels” website


Woodfield Canada

Objective: Create a new web-based image to support a service and quality message consistent with the company’s premium range of suppliers, affordably.

Strategy: Develop a template and platform for a user-managed website, with planned paths for developing additional content as time and budgets allow. Build the platform with proven Open Source technology to ensure long-term support and ease of use. Create initial content and a new image to shift Woodfield’s positioning from a product/feature focus to customer/needs-driven solutions.

Solution: “Workshop on wheels” website, development map and CMS platform

Results/Commentary: The new Woodfield website demonstrates how the family-run business can make life simpler for customers. Woodfield is more than a reseller and installer of van-conversion hardware – the principals are able to help customers package the right systems together for the kind of work they do. The simple content map covers all the essentials of the Woodfield’s service offering and experience, premium branded conversion equipment and request for quotes. The content map used to start up the website shows where future pages will highlight more product details, sample solutions and specialized services.