Argo Tracks Maximize Traction On Extreme Terrain

Argo offers specialized track systems to tackle specific tasks and terrains.

New Hamburg, ON – Argo’s track systems increase their reliability and performance in the most difficult terrains on earth. Unlike add-on track systems for UTVs and pick-up trucks, Argo engineers its track systems to work specifically with each model. Because Argos have 6 or 8 wheels instead of 4, they provide increased surface area to attach to the track systems, maximizing traction and reducing ground pressure.

Bogs present no problem for this 750 HDi equipped with tracks.

Bogs present no problem for this 750 HDi equipped with tracks.

For travelling in environmentally sensitive areas and over thick mud, muskeg or deep snow, tracks are a must. With the 18” (457 mm) track systems, a loaded Argo has a ground pressure of only 0.67 psi – that is considerably lighter than a person’s footstep – so it will not damage plants or substrates. Low ground pressure makes it easier and safer to travel over frozen ponds or lakes.

Argo’s wide variety of track systems allows customers to adapt their vehicles to suit specific tasks and terrain.

Argo offers a variety of tracks for personal utility use
Ideal for light duty use on snow, mud or flooded areas, the 13” (330 mm) standard tracks work with 24” (610 mm) Argo tires. These value-priced thermoplastic rubber tracks are equipped with integrated track guides and do not require axle extensions to install the tracks. This style of tracks works with any model equipped with 24” Argo tires on a variety of terrain. The 18” (457 mm) super tracks and 18” (457 mm) rubber tracks offer improved flotation and durability.

The 15” (381 mm) quad rubber tracks work well for medium duty use on extreme terrains. These solid continuous rubber tracks come with 4 segments and steel guides to fit over 24” (610 mm) turf tires. Because of their rectangular profile, these tires offer increased surface area to grip the tracks and the ground. The quad tracks each fit over two tires, enhancing the Argo’s steering and climbing capabilities in rocky and uneven terrain.

Argo gains traction in commercial markets with heavy duty tracks
Increasingly, Argos are going to work in the mining, oil and gas, utility and forestry sectors. These industries demand more robust, specialized track solutions.

“A lot of our new track systems have been developed to meet customers’ requests,” says Bernhard Wagenknecht, VP Sales & Marketing, Argo. “On the commercial side, tracks can turn your Argo into a crawler, bridging the gap between quads, UTV and heavy machinery.”

This Argo makes its own trail in the snow regardless of how deep it gets.

This Argo makes its own trail in the snow regardless of how deep it gets.

New for 2014 is a heavy-duty track system that is specifically designed for commercial use. These 18” (457 mm) HD rubber tracks are designed to fit the 8×8 XTI, 8×8 XTD and 8×8 Centaur models. Engineered to tackle extreme terrain with a maximum payload, these solid rubber, hinged tracks with steel guides and reinforced steel rims work hard in flooded areas, mud or deep snow and are available in tandem and quad styles.

For the most versatile vehicle in extreme snow, customers can equip their 8×8 Centaur with 22” (559 mm) snow tracks. These ladder-style, belted snow tracks with steel grousers offer optimal performance in very deep snow. Their extremely low ground pressure of only 1 psi means that the Centaur almost floats over the snow. In the winter, the Centaur is usually the first vehicle out to groom trails for snowmobiles or other vehicles. All 18″ and 22″ track systems require axle extensions prior to installation.

Most tracks are also available for Argo’s new 8-wheel trailer coming with either 24″ (610 mm) or 25″ (457 mm) tires. With tracks, trailers will not get stuck even on the roughest terrain, including muskeg, bogs and deep snow.

About Argo
Argo extreme terrain vehicles and optional track systems are marketed through a growing network of stocking distributors and dealers worldwide. Argo North America has more than 200 dealers and continues to grow at a steady pace.

Argo’s unique durability, safety and versatility are driven by the renowned engineering capability of its parent company, Ontario Drive & Gear Ltd. (ODG). Since 1962, ODG has manufactured quality precision gears and transmissions.

For more information about ARGO or the ETV family of vehicles, contact:

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