“At The Heart”

First St-Andrew's Branding

First-St Andrew’s United Church

Objective: To update and codify the graphic identity of First-St Andrew’s to allow greater consistency in applications developed by church members

Strategy: Organize existing graphic elements to distinguish between the “brand” logo of the institution versus the supporting elements used to engage the community in its programs; simplify and integrate key components; formalize usage guidelines and provide flexible templates in common formats to assist in laying out new documents

Solution: Logo and “At the Heart” Identity Guide

Results/Commentary: Through years of publishing a wide range of documents, the church had adopted numerous graphic elements and taglines. Its graphic identity had become quite erratic as varied volunteers and committee members created ad hoc designs with no guidance for using their palette of themes and graphics.

Marketing Strategies & Solutions was asked update First-St. Andrews’ logo and to codify its graphic identity. A new graphics package simplified the logo and “beliefs” tagline, while its familiar “At the Heart” icon was given a defined role in church publications. A compact Identity Guide explained best practices for using the supplied graphics, typography and templates. Part of our process was to work closely with the church board and communications committee to achieve buy-in for the program at every level, including onsite training to help church staff apply the new standards to publishing software.