Big Is Not Always Best – The Champion Grader Proves To Be The Answer For Tough Jobs

When Carl Schultz, the Maintenance Supervisor for Bardavcol Pty Ltd. – a company responsible for completing such major projects as Sturt Highway Duplication, Mawson Connector and Interchange, Adelaide Airport’s new terminal earthworks, Port River Expressway, plus many more – had a tricky grader job, he called Graham Witt from Loadex Hire SA.

A Loadex Hire (Rental Operations) C80 C Series Grader at work in Australia.

Loadex hires out a large range of earthmoving machines including, excavators, loaders, telehandlers, rollers, and graders. Graham recommended the model C80 C Champion Compact Grader.

“We had a shoulder patrol on the road that runs through Humbug Scrub,” explained Carl. “The dirt edges of a bitumen road break up and soften over time, so we had to build the material back up and compact it making a harder surface for cars if they wander off the road. There were only 30 metres (98 ft.) between some of the driveways, but it was no problem. The Champion was the right size with the ten foot blade and low cabin and it could get around obstacles and keep away from the guard rail by using the articulation, plus fantastic visibility made the job easy.”

The Champion Compact Grader was introduced to the market by Clark Equipment to go where big graders can’t by maneuvering into tight spots for quick finishing and grading. The versatility of the grader can do most of the jobs a contractor needs at a much lower cost than big graders. “We tried big graders on shoulder patrol,” said Carl Schultz, “But with the twelve foot blade, and being longer and higher the big boys did a lot more damage to the road. The Champion got in there and quickly did the job.”

“We purchased the C80 C because we identified a gap in the market,” said Graham Witt. “When we told our customers about the Champion, they were very encouraging. Soon after we bought it, Bardavcol hired it for a month.”

The Champion articulated graders have a range of attachments to make them even more versatile, such as: Rotary Broom, Dozer Blade/Scarifier, Rippifier, “V” Scarifier, Side Dozer, Vibratory Roller, Windrow Eliminator and Counter Weight, are just a few.

“A big advantage of the C80 C is it costs a lot less to operate,” said Graham Witt. “The purchase price is lower for a start. Big graders use 18 – 25 litres (4.75 – 6.60 gallons) an hour while the Champion only uses 5 litres (1.32 gallons). That is enough savings to pay for an operator. Being only 8 tonnes (17,636 lbs.) compared to 16 or 17 tonnes (35,273 or 37,478 lbs.), it travels beautifully along the road with a lot less tire wear. If a contractor does a lot of car-parks, cycle tracks, slip-lanes, shoulder patrols and small jobs, the Champion is ideal. But, don’t be fooled, this machine has power; she does the big jobs as well.” “Get your bottom in the seat and try it,” said Carl. “You are in for the surprise of your life.”

About Champion
One of the oldest names in the equipment industry, Champion Motor Graders has specialized in the development of motor graders and attachments for over 25 years. Champion engineering and manufacturing, based in Charlotte, NC, are dedicated to the production of Compact and Production Class Motor Graders that assure customers of the same productivity and quality standards they expect from the best in full-size construction machinery. The Champion line-up now includes seven basic models with operating weights from 12,000 to 24,000 lbs., featuring the full range of single-axle, tandem and all-wheel 4×4 and 6×6 drive systems. Champion continues to develop a growing range of specialized equipment for the road maintenance and paving industry.

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