Fluid Analysis Portal Fluid Analysis Portal

Petro-Canada Lubricants Division

Objective: Attract stakeholders and decision-makers to register on a new web-based customer service portal supporting Petro-Can’s Calflo Heat Transfer Fluids

Strategy: Create a new web portal to facilitate a complimentary fluid analysis, with unique entry pages for different stakeholders and users of heat transfer fluids. Invite key decision makers among highly targeted industries to learn about the free analysis service at a special trade show event, where visitors received a complete information and demo package loaded onto a promotional USB key.

Solution: Fluid Analysis Portal

Results/Commentary: The analysis portal engaged stakeholders in an ongoing service that provided valuable fluid management data to users. A third-party lab was commissioned to perform the fluid analysis and ensure the objectivity of their reports, while building trust and loyalty for the Calflo brand. The cycle of submitting fluid samples for analysis, reporting the results and delivering recommendations established as an integral, ongoing part of customers’ fluid management program.

The launch program at CHEM Trade and the USB key promo succeeded to attracting the projected traffic for visits and registrations completed at the portal site. The program has allowed Petro-Canada to expand customer relationships with a genuine value-added service and to stimulate new activity in a very mature market segment.