Canadian Trailer Manufacturer Brings New Assembly Operations To UK

Titan Trailers Inc., a Canadian manufacturer of premium-built semi-trailers, will establish its EU assembly operations at a new facility on Teesside

MIDDLESBROUGH, UK – After several years of testing the waters in Britain’s haulage market, Titan Trailers Inc. has announced that it will now establish a new assembly plant in the UK for its Canadian-built semi-trailers.

Thanet Logistics includes Titan smoothside trailers as part of their fleet.

Mike Kloepfer, President of Titan Trailers, reports that industry reaction to the Titan THINWALL® trailers he has here from Canada has proven that Titan has a future on British carriageways and, potentially, in the rest of the EU.

Titan Trailers are distinguished by their innovative THINWALL extruded aluminium body construction, developed by Kloepfer in the mid-1990s. The hollowcore smoothwall panels have been widely adopted (and copied) in North America for hauling a wide range of bulk commodities, from municipal waste to farm commodities to scrap metals and forestry products. Unlike other smoothwall trailers that are now offered by competitors, only THINWALL trailers feature sidewalls of extruded panels that are assembled longitudinally and double machine-welded, inside and out, in a patented Titan process. This, according to Kloepfer, is a key element in Titan’s reputation for outstanding strength and durability.

Titan also enjoys a working relationship with Keith Manufacturing Inc., creators of the popular WALKING FLOOR® self-unloader systems. Walking Floor models are one of the most common configurations of trailers sold by Titan.

Some of Britain’s best known truck fleets are already hauling with Titan THINWALL trailers. Yuill & Dodds; Sherwoods Haulage Group and Thanet Logistics Group were among the first to recognize the business value of Titan THINWALL trailers. According to Kloepfer, it was their commitment to continue building their Titan fleets in the future that led to the decision to establish production in the UK. “This facility will put us in a much better position to meet customer demand for our trailers,” Kloepfer says. “Their support showed us that Titan’s premium quality and price/value equation are viable in this market. By bringing our final assembly to Britain, means we will be able to deliver more efficiently and remain competitive in the long term.

Titan manufactures the lightest weight proven garbage hauling trailer for the demanding UK industry. As well as providing strength to last in demanding applications, the light weight of THINWALL trailers can reduce fuel consumption by as much as 15% while allowing haulers to carry more payload per trip. The smoothwall interior also improves the trailer’s cubic capacity up to 10%, compared to traditional post & panel construction, again increasing the operators’ ability to load more and earn more.

The longitudinal design of the double-welded double walled Titan trailer provides patented end-to-end strength and better flexing over rough terrain.

Lightest Weight – Proven Reliability

The Titan trailer you see on the road today was fully manufactured in Canada, then freighted over the Atlantic by ship. Many of the components on these trailers have made the trip twice, as Titan has been importing EU-standard running gear and other parts into its Canadian facility to ensure that service support would be available locally for British customers.

Mike Kloepfer said, “In order to meet our company’s objectives, it is our intent to expand the existing Colledge Trailers Teesside facility to include a state-of-the-art trailer assembly operation and that the location in Teesside was chosen for several reasons. This area is very well founded in industrial manufacturing, and there is an abundance of capable trades people to assemble Titan trailers to the exact specification as the Canadian built trailer.” The town’s seaport access is vital to getting our materials into the UK efficiently, and it will become more important as we begin expanding our sales effort into Europe.

The smoothsides of the Titan trailer in the Fred Sherwood fleet means more on the inside and easy to carry their brand on the outside.

Titan has never specified a “standard” trailer model, but developed its manufacturing methods to adapt flexibly to suit different customer requirements. As well as including unique design features to handle different types of materials and application, Titan also works closely with its North American customers to help them take the best advantage of load limits and running gear restrictions on the roads they drive. The “rules of the road” can vary widely through more than 60 state and provincial jurisdictions in Canada and the US, and climatic conditions can also change dramatically from the Arctic north to the southern tropics. “We have learned to listen to customers,” Kloepfer says, “and it was the ‘Voice of the Customer’ who showed us the way to build better trailers!”

Most of the Titan units currently working in the UK are patterned after the demonstration model that Kloepfer brought to the Recycling and Waste Management Exhibition held in Birmingham in 2003. Titan has continued to attend major conferences and trade shows their target industries every year since then. That trailer, a 13.6 m THINWALL 3-axle model with a KEITH® WALKING FLOOR® system, was later sold into a waste haulage business. With a 92 m3 loading capacity, the aluminium trailer weighs just 9320 kg.

The start-up of the Teesside facility will be led by a selected crew of assembly and quality assurance technicians from the Canadian plant. Mike Kloepfer expects to see the first locally produced Titan trailers in Teesside by October 2009.

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