Defining A Game Changing Company

COLUMBIA, SC – We’ve all heard companies say that they are innovative when they introduce a new product to the market. But if you look beyond the product, is the company itself truly innovative?

The Puma 612 Forwarder and the Dynamic 5240 Grinder are just two of the products leading the way for Norco Equipment.

Enter Norco Equipment – a new and innovative company that not only offers a unique range of specialized products, but takes a unique approach to the whole idea of “innovation!”

Norco Equipment was formed quietly in the spring of 2008, when a team of savvy industry insiders slowly began building the company’s foundation while they defined their game-changing business philosophy. According to Bill Van Sant, Chairman of Norco LLC, the parent to Norco Equipment, the group began by acquiring companies that were creating highly original customer-focused equipment for niche industries that were clearly in search of new ideas.

“Norco Equipment was founded on two key principles,” says Van Sant. “First, we will only manufacture value-engineered and differentiated products that deliver the reliable performance customers need at a price they can afford. Second, we will recruit people who have the knowledge and passion for their industry to provide the kind of service support that can help our dealers and customers succeed in their business.”

The result is a “customer-first” culture that Van Sant and his executive team are nurturing throughout the Norco organization, from product design to dealer service. “In today’s economic environment, “Van Sant claims, “building your business model around the customer is really a game-changing concept!”

Norco’s philosophy of innovation centers on Lou Holtz’ often-quoted “Platinum Rule” – an update to the traditional Golden Rule. “We are usually told we should ‘treat others like you want to be treated.’ At Norco we say, ‘treat customers like they want to be treated!”

In today’s tough economy, customers are looking to their dealers and manufacturers for more help with their business, while many OEMs are tightening up dealer service and aftermarket support to keep their own costs in check. Putting the customer first at Norco Equipment means restoring a high level of personal service to high value products – a genuine ‘game changer’ in the equipment market!

“We are in a great position to make a difference,” Van Sant explains, “simply because we aren’t carrying any baggage from the past. We don’t have old habits to overcome. We have the freedom to make our investments where they do the most good for the customer.”

Game Changer

Norco Equipment markets the Puma and Dynamic equipment brands for forestry, bioenergy, recycling, demolition, solid waste, and related industries. Its strategy of investing in respected niche manufacturers has consolidated the product lines and capabilities of companies including Lane, K2, G&R, ADC Global, and Dynamic. Through its parent, Norco LLC, Norco Equipment also enjoys a close channel to Norco Attachments. Taken together, these once-separate operations now comprise a formidable portfolio of products.

However, the Chairman of Norco LLC, Bill Van Sant, feels that the scope of the product lineup alone will not be Norco Equipment’s key to success. Along with the equipment, Norco Equipment brings together a vast wealth of industry expertise. Operating as an integrated, multi-line OEM, he says, Norco Equipment has the resources to fulfill its promise of “treating customers the way they want to be treated,” with responsive service and application support. “We are serving very unique market niches, often in new business operations and with new business operators. We not only offer them a full range of equipment for their complete production process, we have the right people and expertise to help them make their processes profitable,” he says.

“That’s the game changer!”

As an example, Van Sant cites the new Puma and Dynamic equipment lines that Norco Equipment is now introducing. “We assembled a complete bioenergy product line, bringing together equipment from different specialized companies and giving them a new home under one roof. The Puma and Dynamic lines make us the first OEM to offer a complete ‘stump to chip’ solution for this market. The individual products are well made and well proven, but under the new brands they are now part of a complete business solution for contractors.”

The Puma and Dynamic lineups offer a similar capability for cut-to-length wood processors and firewood operations. Customers in each of these businesses are working to develop an integrated production process that suits their local operation and market. “Instead of ‘innovating’ for its own sake,” Van Sant continues, “we are investing in the right personnel to go into the field and help them put together customized solutions.”


A different approach requires a different culture…and the right people

Van Sant takes particular pride in the people he has attracted to the new way of thinking at Norco Equipment. Leading the “customer first” crusade are Don Dubey, President and CEO, and Chuck Dull, Senior VP Sales and Marketing – two men building on a lifetime of achievement in the equipment industry. Supporting them is a team of industry professionals providing a high level of expertise with varied equipment technologies and processes. While bringing together a broad collection of small companies to form a larger organization, says Dubey, Norco Equipment is determined to continue operating like a small company.

“Our people are empowered to make decisions quickly,” he explains. “They have ingrained knowledge of the equipment and their customers’ businesses. We can utilize their field experience to provide the attention to detail and superior service that a customer would expect from a small company. At the same time, our field staff and dealers can offer their customers the peace-of-mind that comes from being backed by the resources of a large company. We are giving our people the mandate and the confidence to treat customers the way they, not the company, would like to be treated.”


Customers get a fresh start and a new name – Puma

Norco Equipment has assembled an impressive lineup of products for the emerging bioenergy sector. They have taken it a step further by reengineering the equipment and reintroducing it under a new shared brand that will soon become a ‘household name’ in the industry.

“We took a long and hard look at the opportunities in bioenergy and related markets, driven by rising demand for alternate forms of power generation,” said Don Dubey. “To meet the demand for pellets and liquid biofuels, we knew contactors would be investing in tree harvesting, chipping, grinding, and screening equipment. We could also see that there wasn’t a single OEM able to support the entire process with equipment or expertise.”

Contactors entering the new industry had no choice but to shop around and try to assemble production systems on their own. As Chuck Dull explains, “Norco Equipment is positioned to help customers simplify their purchasing and improve their process with a coordinated approach.” Norco Equipment’s newly branded Puma line offers contractors a single source for harvesters, forwarders, CTL processors, and firewood processors as well as complimentary chippers, grinders and trommel screens from the Dynamic equipment line – another new Norco Equipment brand. “There is nowhere else a forestry/bioenergy operator can acquire a complete ‘stump to chip’ solution like this, complete with end-to-end factory service support,” continued Dull.


“Dynamic” Innovation for customers on the move

While the recent economy has created difficulties for most traditional equipment markets, Bill Van Sant says the industry shakeup has opened doors for Norco Equipment. “Contractors have gone looking for opportunities to replace former revenue streams. Many are turning to niche industries and specializations that didn’t exist before. Our products were created in response to the changing needs in these areas. For instance, the equipment in the Puma lineup serves distinct new segments operating within forestry industry.


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