Durability & Productivity Keep E.H. Tulgestka & Sons, Inc. Coming Back To Titan Trailers

ROGERS CITY, MI – Back in 2003, when Chris Tulgestka, Head of the Forestry Division of E.H. Tulgestka & Sons, Inc., was looking for a replacement trailer, he thought of Titan. He was aware of the company, having seen a trailer that Titan’s Rick Lees was demonstrating across the countryside in the late 1990s. Although at first wary of costs, with some persuasion from Mark Gazan at Hudsonville Trailer, Tulgestka purchased his firm’s first Titan 50′ 6-Axle THINWALL™ Live Floor Open Top with a tarp. He has never looked back.

“Although it took some work on Mark’s part to persuade me to go with the more expensive Titan, in hindsight it was one of the best decisions I have ever made,” says Tulgestka. “The durability of our Titan Trailers has maximized our uptime and increased our bottom-line.”

Tulgestka & Sons’ fleet of seven Titan THINWALL™ trailers is tailor-made for the harsh environment in which the firm’s Forestry Division operates.

Now in its fifth generation, the Tulgestka family has been active in business in Michigan since the 1870s. Today, the company remains a family-owned and operated diversified company, which includes forestry management, farming and trucking interests. Earhardt Tulgestka Sr., Chris’ father, founded the present company in 1962. Operating out of its Rogers City office, the firm employs close to 70 people. The company’s Forestry Division specializes in the harvesting of timber, hauling wood chips and bark for customers like Decorative Panels International in Alpena, within a 200 mile radius. “We deal with pretty well anything related to the lumber industry,” Tulgestka says.

Chris was initially attracted to how much lighter Titan Trailers were than the competition. They were definitely lighter than what Tulgestka & Sons had been running and the firm figured it would get better fuel economy and higher payloads. Not only did the Titan THINWALL trailer increase productivity and fuel efficiency, its toughness and durability were tailor-made for the harsh environment in which the firm’s Forestry Division operates. “We spend most of our time in the woods and our trailers get pushed and pulled every which way. Our previous rigs just rattled out after 5 years and were always in the shop. Titan Trailers just run and run – figure they will be good for at least 10 to 15 years,” says Tulgestka. “Other than easy routine maintenance like grease-jobs, they’re never in the shop. And being aluminum, they never corrode, which is important to us given our northern environment and harsh climatic conditions – and they look great too, year after year. Titans are a little more money, but they’re well worth the investment.”

Trip to Titan factory reveals attention to detail

Tulgestka fondly recalls a family visit to the new Titan facility in Delhi, Ontario in December 2007. “Me and my Dad and my brother accompanied Mark to the factory and we watched how they put the trailers together and did little things that nobody else does. Things like how they route all of the wiring through the trailer, keeping it from rubbing on anything.  Like the data-clad king pin section connected to the side-wall. This is a feature exclusive to Titan that eliminates mechanical fasteners. Titan just doesn’t slap their trailers together. It’s the little things, like parts that won’t corrode, in this business that counts and Titan does it right. After seeing how the trailers are made, we understood why they deliver big time in terms of strength and longer life.”

The access door at the front of the Tulgestka & Sons’ Titan trailers maximizes driver safety, particularly in winter climates like Michigan’s.

During the visit, the Tulgestka family really appreciated Titan’s attentiveness to their needs. “Titan President Mike Kloepfer and his staff really took the time to listen to us over the years. As a result, our trailers are a combination of our needs and Titan’s ability to meet them,” says Chris.

This feeling is reciprocal on Mike Kloepfer’s part. “We, likewise, really appreciated that the Tulgestka family took the time to come to our Delhi, Ontario facility. It’s their input that makes it all worthwhile,” says Kloepfer. “I enjoy talking with our customers and each time I do, I learn something that will make our trailers even better.”

At present, E.H Tulgestka & Sons, Inc. has seven THINWALL trailers. One is an open top and the other six are all closed tops since the company blows chips into them out in the woods. Other than one Titan 50′ 6-Axle THINWALL Tipper, the rest all have walking floors.

Titan’s commitment to design and technology has hooked Tulgestka

As a repeat customer, Chris Tulgestka speaks highly of the Titan Trailers commitment to design and technology. “Titan listens to your ideas – ideas like a hard top trailer that easily coverts into an open top that increases backhaul and your bottom-line. They’re not afraid to try new things.”  Tulgestka mentions the cab front driver door that Titan added to its trailers to maximize driver safety as a helpful innovation, particularly in winter climates like Michigan’s. He also likes what he calls the “basket” on the top of his open top trailers which allows for easy unrolling of the tarp by drivers. He was also very appreciative of some newly designed heavy duty steel “pusher” bumpers that Titan sent the firm for retro-fitting when the original designed aluminum bumpers were showing signs of wear and tear. “Now we’ve got a bumper that we can push on,” says Tulgestka.

Tulgestka is very happy with the service he receives from Mark Gazan and the rest of the staff at Hudsonville Trailer. “We’ve been with them since the 1980s and they look after us pretty well.”

The durability of Tulgestka & Sons’ Titan trailers has maximized their uptime and increased their bottom-line.

Chris is often asked by other trucking companies for references about Titan Trailers. “I always tell them that that they can increase their payload with the lighter Titan THINWALL trailers and get better fuel mileage. I tell them that if they’re looking for durability and toughness, then Titan is the way to go,” says Tulgestka. “I tell other companies that I wouldn’t buy anything other than a Titan Trailer now. You only get what you pay for.”

According to Mark Gazan, E.H. Tulgestka & Sons, Inc. is typical of his Titan customers. “Once we sell the first trailer – thanks to their strength and durability and customer satisfaction, they almost sell themselves,” says Gazan.

About Titan Trailers

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