Engineering Confidence

Timberland Group

Objective: Increase awareness of the full scope of engineering expertise and production resources that customers can access through any of the specialized Timberland companies.

Strategy: Integrate the 5 separate websites of Timberland and its operating divisions with a shared corporate identity and navigation structure while retaining the unique character, market focus and online services of each company. Create a single library of “marquee” projects that highlight the specific capabilities of each individual company while demonstrating the full scope of the Group’s services and products within any chosen industry. Update the content presented for each company to reflect the Group’s positioning as a globally experienced provider of engineered products and project management capabilities to minimize risk in major projects.

Solution: “Engineering Confidence” integrated website

Results/Commentary: While each Timberland division has earned a global reputation for engineered products in its own right, senior management believed that more opportunities could be opened by demonstrating the potential for shared resources and knowledge across their varied specialties. Each division continues to offer the web-based tools and services developed for their individual websites, but they now share a common “look & feel” as well as providing direct links to related services and products supported by other divisions.

All divisions now share a project library that allows visitors to view significant projects by any one of the Timberland companies while highlighting additional “marquee” projects completed by the Group as a whole within a chosen industry. Sales managers from the individual companies report that the integrated website puts them in a stronger competitive position to “show and tell” their position as a highly experience specialist with strong support from a much larger engineering and manufacturing group.

This website was selected for a Summit Creative Award by the Summit International Awards group in the B2B image website category.