Jack Knows What Makes A Champion

Jack Shaw appreciates how his C80 operates on winding roads: “It’s just so well thought out. With our terrain, the hydraulic system is very responsive and the in-service brake works perfectly.”

Woolwich, Maine – Jack Shaw is not often a man of many words but recently, he sent an email to Bryan Abernathy at Champion Motor Graders; “Dear Champion, I wanted to let you know my opinion on the new grader I purchased in 2007 from Chadwick-BaRoss in Maine. I have operated and owned older graders for many years, and I find the new Champion (C80 C Series with a cab) to be the finest built, great to operate and an all around wonderful machine. Thank you, Jack Shaw, Woolwich, Maine.”

According to Bryan, “I get a lot of emails, but not often do people take the time to write us and tell us how satisfied they are with their machine purchase. I was so pleased that I had copies printed up and distributed to our guys on the floor. We are a family here and when good news arrives we like to share it. It’s exciting for all of us because it’s about customer satisfaction and providing owners and operators with a positive experience.”

“Jack Shaw & Sons is not untypical of many of Champion’s customers,” says Abernathy. “They do town roads that follow the coastline. They also grade all the roads in Westport Island.” “We do some of everything,” says Jack who is helped in the family business by his twin sons Jason & Stacy and his daughter Tammy (Givens). Jack describes his operation as a small earth works contractor.

“I guess it started when I saw it in a picture in a magazine and I began looking into it.” His research took him to New Hampshire to look at a competitive machine. According to Jack, “it was ok but not for me. I knew that with the road profile that I have and the kind of work that I do with it (grading, plowing winding, twisting, crooked roads) that even with 47 years of running a grader, that this was going to require the perfect machine. I wanted a machine that was simple to run, had the power to cut and push anything that I would run into, something I would be comfortable in if I had to spend the whole day, and would bring me home quickly and safely and was fuel efficient. I found it in a Champion.”

According to Jack Shaw, “This is a pony with horse legs. I haven’t come across anything that this machine can’t handle year round.”

“This machine has it all. It makes the day go by so quickly that I hardly realize that the day is over. I know I shouldn’t say it, but there are some nights I wish my days were longer so I could stay in the cab with the stereo on. This grader is mine. No one else drives my grader, just like no one else drives my truck.”

“It’s just so well thought out. With our terrain the hydraulic system is very responsive and the in-service brake works perfectly. Just the other night, a driver must not have seen me but with the brake, I was able to bring the machine to a standstill.”

Jack also likes the people at Chadwick-BaRoss. “We used to do business together. I probably bought one of my first loaders from them. Doing business with them again was a pleasant experience.”

According to Jack, it’s a combination of many things that makes it exciting for him. “The control levers are the right length, when you touch the console lever it comes right to you, when you release the console there’s a rubber bumper, someone had to think about that. The cab is easy to get in and out of and I feel safe when I’m operating it. Last week when the mosquitoes hit so bad, I closed the doors and turned on the A/C. I could have gone all day. I can get in and out of jobs all day long. It’s got speed, agility, power and is very operator friendly. It’s like a pony with horse’s legs.”

Bryan Abernathy was thrilled that Jack took the time to write him and let him know just how pleased he was with the machine. “I get emails, sometimes more than I want! However, when this popped up on my screen, I knew I was going to have a great day.”

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