New Champion Motor Graders provide the tightest turning radius for job site maneuvers

Charlotte, NC – The compact grader that thinks like a big grader recently launched the next generation of Champion Motor Graders – the C80 C and the C86 C models. According to Bryan Abernathy, Vice President of Marketing & Sales, the changes included a redesign of the front axle, the moldboard and blade lift arrangement and the articulation cylinder.

The new 21” moldboard prevents excessive spillover while the new blade arrangement and wider stance provides operators with increased featherability and stability.

The complete redesign of the front axle provides 50 degrees of steering angle left and right. The previous design allowed only 35 degrees. “This new design has job site productivity and maneuverability written all over it,” said Abernathy. “Our straight frame turning radius is now only 25 feet and when fully articulated is now a radius of only 19 feet. This gives the C80/C86 C Series the tightest turning radius in its class.

Additionally, Champion Road Machinery Engineering lead by Jeff Mckee, Vice President of Engineering and Customer Support, designed the front axle using spherical bearing at all moving points. “This design enhancement will provide operators with a lifetime of service,” said Mckee.

Champion was also requesting other input from operators who were looking for additional ground clearance at the front axle. “Our all-new box type design provides 6 more inches of ground clearance for a total of 22”, said Abernathy. “At this height, the steering cylinder, tie rod and other moving parts are higher and hidden behind the front axle and provide additional protection to the critical parts and allow the Champion Motor Grader operators to go where the big graders go.

Champion Motor Graders conducted interviews with operators and one of their requests was to offer a taller moldboard that would eliminate excessive spillover. “Our new 21” moldboard provides operators with the tallest moldboard in the category”, said Abernathy. “Furthermore, experienced grading operators like to tilt the board forward and keep their eyes on the top edge of the moldboard. With our new board, the additional height allows them to do that increasing their productivity and in those applications like asphalt, get a roll going.”

Another designed in big grader feature is the blade lift arrangement. “To increase featherability and provide operators with the big grader feel that they like, the blade lift stance has been increased 14” to a full 4 feet across. According to Abernathy, “This is a situation where it has been proven that wider is better and at 48”, our latest design feature makes it the widest in the class.” Abernathy further indicated that the operators who drove the prototypes and the early production units were equally impressed with the feel generated by the new wider stance. It gave then the same sense of being behind the controls of a large grader.

To increase overall productivity and reliability, McKee and Abernathy examined what could be done to strengthen the articulation cylinders. “There is a lot of stress applied to those points, especially under load or when attachments are hooked on”, said McKee. In order to achieve this objective, Champion took out the replaceable ball joints and engineered in clevis style mounting for optimum strength. Similar to the front axle design, the cylinders are mounted on spherical bearings for increased service life.

Bryan Abernathy reported that these changes are only being incorporated into the C80 tandem and C86 All Wheel Drive models.

“Our dealers have told us that these productivity enhancements are needed on these machines. This is the workhorse of the product line and the C60/66 and the C70 units are not used in the same way. Operators of the C80 C and the C86 C count on Champion bringing them the big grader features and now we are, more than ever.”

Champion Motor Graders, the newest company in the construction equipment industry with a long and successful history, has their head office and manufacturing facility in Charlotte, NC. At this plant, they manufacture motor graders with an operating weight of 12,000 to 15,500 lbs.

For more information on Champion Motor Graders, contact:

Bryan Abernathy, Executive Vice President
8844 Mount Holly Road Charlotte, North Carolina, 28214
Telephone: 704-392-1038 Fax: 704-394-0802