New Wireless Grapple Scale Provides Accurate, Reliable In-Motion Weighing For Recyclers And Steel Mills

Montreal, QC – Scrap handling operations in the recycling and at the mill can now add in-motion weighing capabilities to their equipment with greater accuracy, reliability and simplicity than previous scales.

For scrap handlers, accurate real-time weigh systems means every truck can be loaded to its maximum legal limit.

The RMT-XW in-motion grapple scale system combines wireless data communication and control with a new load-sensing technology. Marc Lefebvre, North American Sales Manager for RMT Equipment Inc., reports that the RMT-XW system improves the accuracy of load measurements to within 0 ± 3% of true weight, while reducing installation and setup time to as little as two hours.

“The fact is, this scale requires no configuration time at all,” Lefebvre says. “Installation is as simple as replacing the grapple’s attachment link with our weigh link, extend current hydraulic lines, then mounting the remote display in the cab. That’s it!”

Along with simplifying the scale’s installation, the wireless design also ensures higher reliability in severe-duty applications by eliminating extra electrical connections from the weighing link to the in-cab monitor.

Pressure-free weight sensing

The RMT-XW grapple scale achieves its accuracy by using technology derived from strain gauges or load cells that engineers use in structural testing devices. The new scale is self-contained within a weigh link that replaces the yoke or link of the grapple attachment. A weigh chamber in the link integrates the high resolution load cell and motion controller, including a wireless antenna and battery pack.

RMT is currently conducting trials to confirm that the same weigh link used in the grapple scale can be utilized for in-motion weighing with lifting magnets.

Getting it right the first time

According to Lefebvre, the RMT-XW scale can help scrap metal processors and hauling operations alike to load more efficiently, at less cost, and with greater safety. In the recycling yard, scrap handlers equipped with the new scales will allow operators to continuously monitor grapple loads as they unload and sort incoming material. Accurate weighing allows them to consistently load optimum weights when they pick and feed material for shredding and baling processes. By ensuring accurate, maximum weights as trucks are loaded, drivers will have no need to re-weigh at the gate and return to the loading area to adjust their loads. Data accumulated and transferred from the RMT?XW units gives operations managers an easy tool to compare productivity levels for varied types, sizes and makes of equipment, or to identify potential training needs of their operators.

Similarly, steel mills can improve the consistency of their melt mixes with precise measurement of each material type as it is picked and loaded. The ability to monitor loads accurately with any machine means mills can optimize the match between their loading equipment and their processing capacity.

Lefebvre points out that, “The accuracy and simplicity of this scale allows recyclers to deliver a better, more uniform product to their customers, while the mills can instantly verify their mix to achieve more consistent results, more efficiently.”

Worry-free hauler loads

For scrap haulers, an accurate real-time weigh system means every truck can be loaded to its maximum legal limit, without fear of incurring fines for excess weight. Median weights using the RMT-XW grapple scale have been shown to average more tonnage per truckload than unweighed trucks, with less variance between loads. Instead of weighing their trucks repeatedly at the gate scale, drivers can be loaded up to their ideal weight before they leave the loading area, often saving enough time to deliver more loads per shift. Because the device is completely independent of operator control, the system improves loading accuracy regardless of operator experience or loading conditions.

“This grapple scale removes all the ‘guesstimating’ from truck loads,” says Lefebvre. “In the long run, it lets truckers move more material with fewer hauls, so they save fuel and vehicle costs on every contract. Better accuracy gives them more control, too, so they can plan their fleet more efficiently. They also save time and worry, since they no longer have any reason to change their routes around to avoid DOT scales!”

A complete package

The RMT-XW system is available complete with its own optional Windows-compatible data logger, USB data connection, optional reporting software and printer. The system gauges each load automatically without requiring operator intervention and accumulates data continuously to allow flexible reporting and analysis. Its data can be exported directly into standard spreadsheet formats, so load information can be shared readily with other corporate systems and business applications.

Maintenance of the scale is very simple, requiring only monthly greasing of the weigh link. The data logger’s battery can be changed quickly with no recalibration required.

The system is offered in a range of models to suit different equipment and applications. Models equipped with 10 ton, 15 ton and 20 ton load cells are offered for conventional loaders, scrap handlers and excavators. Smaller units with 5 ton and 7 ton load cells are recommended for small material handlers, excavators, loaders and forklifts. According to Lefebvre, the load cells are designed to ensure generous compensation for potential overloads and operating stresses. “Our compensation programs maintain weighing accuracy regardless of sudden impacts, swing stresses or lifting shocks. Each model has a load cell capacity two times to five times their nominal limit to absorb overloads.”

About RMT Equipment

Established by Bob and Marc Lefebvre in 1996, today RMT Equipment is a leading North American specialist in weighing solutions and the TRACKVISION Camera System for wheel loaders, forklifts, mining trucks and conveyor belt scale and metal detector. RMT is the North American Head Office for the VEI Payload Management Systems (Loader Scales) and the Canadian Head Office for SciTronics belt scales and metal detectors. In 2010, RMT introduced North America to the XW family of wireless crane scales and grapple scales developed by Intermercato AB of Sweden. RMT systems and solutions are sold and serviced by a growing network of equipment dealers throughout the United States and Canada.

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