Rugged And Efficient

Snow’s no match for the REIST Industries’ Snow Equipment lineup

ELMIRA, ONWith more than 10 different pieces and a multitude of options to choose from, REIST Industries has a product to help you stand up against old man winter.

The REIST Industries 8000 Series Snow Blower is at work using the innovative side discharge. The operator saves fuel as less horsepower is required than discharging through the chute.

REIST starts off by offering 3 different models of PTO driven, dual or triple auger snow blowers in 9’ and 10’ widths, all built with heavy continuous use in mind. Drawing from their vast experience, REIST has built in durability features that you cannot see at first, but open the enclosed auger drive case and the attention to detail becomes apparent. Take for instance the REIST manufactured gear box, designed for the snow blower application not adapted to it. See the chain sprockets with the de-icing groves machined in? Couple that with the self-adjusting chain tensioning device and you start to appreciate why the REIST Snow Blower line is known for their reliability in heavy use.

Living up to their motto of “Innovation working for you”, the REIST 8000 Series, Triple Auger Snow Blower, has three discharge options. Through a unique rotating fan housing design, the operator can select to discharge through the chute or by-pass the chute and discharge directly from the fan housing to either side. As it requires less horsepower to blow out of the side discharge than through the chute, this REIST innovation will reduce your fuel costs! An ideal solution in locations where the precise placement of the discharged snow is not a requirement, such as in country roads, shows that REIST really does work for you.

Don’t have a large tractor? REIST also manufactures 3 models of single auger snow throwers ideal for mounting on skid steers or on smaller tractors. Available in widths from 48” up to 108”, REIST Snow Throwers are designed and built with the same attention to detail as the larger Snow Blowers. With many options available right from the factory, REIST is able to make sure you have the right features to handle old man winter.

REIST Snow Pushers and Angling Blades

Realizing that it sometimes is preferable to push snow away, REIST offers a line of angling blades and snow pushers, ranging from 6’ to 14’ widths with a height of 30” or 36” and various mounting options including bucket or skid steer brackets. Ruggedly built, the 6 models of snow pushers ensure that a size is available to match your equipment. The 30” high angling blade is available in 6’ to 10’ widths and has as a 35 degree swing angle and cross-over relief protection as standard equipment. Each blade and pusher can be equipped with the innovative three sided REIST ROTO-TRIP edge that minimizes shock loads and damage from most hidden obstacles, while allowing the operator to use a low running height for one-pass clearing.

REIST Broadcast Spreaders

REIST manufactures two models of durable all-season broadcast spreaders for grass seed, top soil, fertilizer, sand & salt in ½ yd. and 1½ yd. hopper capacities. Depending upon the model and the material, the casting range is 3 ft. to 60 ft., and both models have spinner speed controls allowing the operator to control distribution for maximum effectiveness. The application rates are controlled through a manual flow rate adjustment slider or an optional hydraulic shut-off gate, while the standard in-hopper agitator ensures even material flow to the spinner. The galvanized ½ yd S100 model spreader has an optionally available 36” wide drop shield to focus distribution to where it is needed most, expanding the seasonal use and making it ideal for winter sidewalk maintenance. The large capacity, 1½ yd S200 model spreader has twin hydraulic spinners and agitators for expanded coverage in parking lots allowing the operator to finish the job quicker. When mounted to a loader, an innovative design feature common to both the REIST S100 and S200 Spreaders is that both models can self-load, saving time and money. To match to existing equipment, both spreaders are available with a 3 Point Hitch and can be equipped with the optional hydraulic self-load feature.

About REIST Industries

Founded in 1947, REIST Industries is a leader in manufacturing landscaping and snow removal equipment. The company’s state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing facilities are located in Elmira, Ontario, where its technical design and engineering departments work towards creating new, innovative products in an ongoing pursuit to better serve the needs of its customers. A dedicated staff has made REIST Industries the number one choice for landscaping and snow management equipment.

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