Safety First Is The Design Philosophy Behind Latest Titan Trailers Innovation

DELHI, ONThe engineers at Titan Trailers are excited about their latest innovation – the new Titan Kicker Plate™. It was designed to expedite the offloading of non-flowing or compressed material out of Titan’s line of custom-built trailers, while keeping drivers out of the back of the trailer.

“Listening to our customers never stops at Titan,” says Mike Kloepfer, Titan Trailers President. “This latest innovation from Titan will improve their productivity and turnaround time. With rising costs, this has never been more important.”

The Titan Kicker Plate™ allows faster, safer offloading of non-flowing or compressed material by “kicking” bulk materials away from the front wall of the trailer.

Non-flowing or compressed materials have a tendency to fall backwards when a trailer is being unloaded with a live floor. The Titan Kicker Plate is hinged at the top of the rear of the trailer and it literally “kicks” compressed bulk materials away from the wall of the trailer as they are being offloaded. It changes the flow of the material from falling backward to falling forward. This will ensure that they are unloaded cleanly and quickly with minimal operator clean-up. Developed with Titan engineering, the Titan Kicker Plate weighs 120 Ibs. and it is manufactured out of durable aluminum plate that will never wear out.

“With this new safety innovation installed, operators will no longer have to stand at the rear of the load or behind the V-Plow™ while it’s being discharged, nor will they have to waste time clearing up left-over material manually” says Mike Kloepfer, President of Titan Trailers. “What’s more, a clean trailer will allow operators to pick up another load on the way back, increasing their bottom-line.”

The Titan Kicker Plate™ is the latest innovation in modern trailer design from the Delhi, Ontario-based custom trailer building company that bases its operations on Strength Through Innovation.

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Titan Trailers is a world-class innovation leader in the hauling industry long recognized for job-specific functionality and attention to manufacturing detail. Titan Trailers offer business-minded haulers a complete line of trailers utilizing advanced design and manufacturing technologies based on the patented THINWALL extruded aluminium panel. Titan focuses its extensive R&D activities on making its trailers the best business choice for operators in the custom trailer market.

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