The New Heavyweight Champion

Champion Motor Graders

Objective: Create awareness and generate interest in the new C110/C116 series of larger mid-size graders developed as an extension of Champion’s traditional line of compact graders.

Strategy: Build on Champion’s recognized leadership in the small grader category to position the new series as the first “heavyweight” entries for a new Production Class category, filling the gap between compact graders and the full-size graders offered by major OEMs. Recruit Hall-of-Fame boxer George Chuvalo as the focal point of a launch program at ConExpo, the equipment industry’s largest trade show. Build up to the show with advertising and a premium mailing to top prospects to highlight the boxing theme and establish the connection between the two  heavyweight Champions to be featured at the Champion exhibit. Support before and after the show with a packaged series of technical articles on the development and market demand for Production Class Graders.

Solution: “The New Heavyweight Champion” booth, media kit, pre-show ads, boxing glove and mailer

Results/Commentary: During ConExpo, customers and trade editors described George Chuvalo and the new C110 grader as “the buzz of the show.” The display was very well attended; the company received valuable feedback on the prototype design from customers and dealers. George Chuvalo was continuously occupied with photographs and signing autographs for visitors.  After the show, Champion reported that Chuvalo had done an excellent job of representing the family values of the company. At subsequent regional shows, Champion staff reported meeting visitors who had also attended ConExpo and were still excited about their encounter with the Champ weeks before.

PICA AwardThe new grader was widely reported in national and regional trade publications. Most importantly, writers and editors were quick to adopt the new “Production Class” terminology as part of the industry vernacular. The well-packaged media kit generated over $100,000 of equivalent paid-space coverage. Reporting included a story by a sports writer who interviewed Chuvalo for the local newspaper during the week of the show.

This program was selected for a PICA award from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers in Public Relations.