TRACK-VISION™ Jobsite Safety Report

TRACK-VISION™ Jobsite Safety Report

RMT Equipment

Objective: Demonstrate how safety hazards in a commercial loading area can be mitigated by TRACK-VISION back-up safety cameras

Strategy: Report on actual “near-miss” incidents from the business owner’s viewpoint

Solution: “Close Call Opens Eyes To Improved Safety”

Results/Commentary: After converting their equipment fleet to the TRACK-VISION camera system, the customer was eager to share their experience with others in related industries. The story provided a real-world sense of immediacy to safety issues in commercial loading areas, especially where traffic in the yard includes customers who are inexperienced around heavy equipment. In addition to appearing in regional trade magazines, the RMT story was repurposed to conform to the format of a monthly feature in a national magazine serving the key audience. RMT also adapted the story to its customer e-letter for additional exposure and reinforcement of the brand. RMT noted that the experience provided additional value in its relationship with their local dealer, who appreciated the opportunity to follow up with the customer, while the customer was also gratified by the media recognition.