Wedgelock Coupler Adds “Instant Safety” To Attachments

Brownsville, TX – Norco Attachments is introducing North American equipment dealers, rental businesses and contractors to a world-renowned quick coupler system billed as the “the safest coupler on the planet.”

Wedgelock I-Lock Coupler from Norco - Engaging with the front attachment pin automatically, the Wedgelock Coupler’s I-Lock system safely secures attachments instantly, before the main lock is activated by the machine operator.

Norco’s Wedgelock Quick Coupler adds instant safety on the jobsite with its patented back-up locking system, known as the ‘I-Lock™,’ that engages the front attachment pin without requiring a machine operator to activate the main locking mechanism.

Carl Hartfield, President and CEO for Norco Attachments, says that acquiring the Wedgelock line adds a premier product to Norco’s range of attachments. “The ‘I-Lock’ system is the most advanced and reliable coupler back-up locking system available globally today,” he said.

Engaging with the front attachment pin automatically when the attachment is connected, the system also provides a built-in time-out that re-engages the ‘I-Lock’ if the attachment is not removed in a timely manner after the coupler is unlocked to disconnect. The coupler is operated hydraulically and is known for its independent, initial and instant safety system.

The Wedgelock coupler’s high strength construction increases its wearability and reduces weight, helping to maximize product performance and reliability. Its low profile design ensures optimum breakout force and power at the bucket tip. Pin center variations are accommodated automatically and lifting eyes are fitted as standard, ensuring safe lifting capability.

“These couplers set our benchmark for the Norco value proposition,” Hartfield continues. “Customers have to be productive to be profitable. And they have to work safely to be productive. The Wedgelock coupler adds a whole new level of value to the attachment market.”

Complementing the coupler is Wedgelock’s extensive line-up of rippers, buckets, rakes, thumbs, grapples and spades.

Wedgelock couplers are available for all popular excavator makes and models from 5000 lb. mini-ex’s up to 200,000 lb. mine shovels. The unique system was originally developed by Wedgelock, a family owned and operated business based in New Zealand. Norco Attachments recently entered into a joint venture with Wedgelock to manufacture and distribute the coupler system for North and Central America. Wildly successful in international equipment markets, over 36,000 of the Wedgelock Quick Couplers are in service worldwide.

For more information on the Wedgelock I-Lock™ Coupler, contact:

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