Marketing Strategies & Solutions Celebrates 20 Years of “Breaking New Ground”

A Canadian mainstay in industrial advertising and communications recently marked its 20 year milestone here in London, ON.

When Marketing Strategies & Solutions first opened its doors in July 1997, Robert Adeland was its sole employee. Adeland, who first came to London to complete his MBA program at the Ivey School of Business, had previously worked on both sides of the desk in the client/agency equation. After finding employment in his home town of Montreal and in Saskatchewan, he returned to London to manage marketing services for Diesel Division General Motors of Canada (DDGM), then later moved on to support GM and other “big iron” accounts with a local advertising firm.

“I’ve always been attracted to heavy equipment,” he admits. “Even as a student, I was earning my way driving trucks and I spent time in scrap yards looking for car parts. I love getting my boots in the dirt.”

International perspective
With that background, he saw the opportunity to build a business of his own that focused on the needs of industrial and B2B marketers. “Our clients are typically focused on the engineering and production needs of their company – marketing is new ground for them. Our job is to help define their marketing goals and show them the way to break through to new customers and new sales whether it is with a new website, PR, application, articles, radio, TV, social media, AdWords or traditional media. We distinguish ourselves by providing an extra set of eyes and ears that are keenly tuned to their industry and their customer. We get to know them intimately, engage them in conversations they’ve never had with any other communication suppliers. Through that process, we are often able to offer new perspectives and a fresh vision for their communications.”

Now, 20 years later, Adeland leads a tight-knit group of experienced professionals working closely to create effective solutions for our clients at home and throughout North America. “We get so involved with clients’ industries, their trade organizations and media that our growth comes mainly through referrals within these markets. The prospects we are referred to could be located anywhere. We’re connected by their common business interests and markets, not by geography.” As result, the agency’s client list ranges from North Carolina and Alabama to Montreal to Ohio.

Thinking locally
The company’s boardroom is lined with the dozens of awards that the team has won for creative excellence and marketing effectiveness. Notably, the most recent award adds local content to the firm’s story.

“We were thrilled by the Judges’ decision in the latest Summit Creative Awards to single out a project we did for John Zubick Limited to receive their “Cobalt” best-in-show designation. We have worked with the Zubick family for many years now, for their business projects and their charitable work and we’ve developed the kind of relationship that lets great work happen. It’s really an honour, out of 5,000 entries, that we’re happy to share with such a close client.”

While the heavy machinery business takes Marketing Strategies & Solutions far afield, Adeland is proud of the work his group produces for local businesses and charities as well.  “We see ourselves as an integral part of our community – of our social community as well as our business communities. We strongly believe in our obligation to make a positive contribution to the community, not only through donations of our time, knowledge and energy, but through the values we represent in the work we do every day.”

Customer focus
These values are reflected in BBB’s recognition of Marketing Strategies & Solution as one of its three finalist for its annual Business Integrity awards – a distinction shared with one of its other local clients, fashion retailer Hangar9. “Sure, it looks like a stretch from industrial products and services to designer ladies wear,” says Adeland. “But the core principles in play are always the same. Know your customer. That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it. Maybe for another 20 years!”

For more information about Marketing Strategies & Solutions integrated communications services, contact:

Robert Adeland, President
433 William Street
London, ON
N6B 3E1