Fleet Of SENNEBOGEN 835 Material Handlers Keeps PSC Metals Canton Facility Running Smoothly

CANTON, OH – The folks at PSC Metals liked the SENNEBOGEN 835 R-HD they purchased when they were upgrading their Canton facility so much that since then they have acquired three more 835 models to augment it.

“Our operators love the 835 machines,” says Wally Dawson, Yard Manager of Canton Recycling, PSC Metals Canton location. “The machines are reliable, dependable, easy to operate and easy to service.”

The elevating cab on the SENNEBOGEN 835 with its high visibility puts operators at eye level with the yard’s shredder.

Canton Recycling is a 100 acre one-stop, full-service scrap metal recycling plant that serves Timken Steel, which is located adjacent to the yard. It is primarily a ferrous processing facility that shreds, shears and torches inbound feedstock comprised of rails, automobiles, sheet iron, flame cut plates, end cuts and various other scrap. “In a 10 hour-a-day operation, this facility sees a complete cross-section of customers,” says Dawson. “From a large industrial account right down to an individual dropping off household appliances, everyone comes through our gates. It is a fast-paced operation that requires heavy duty, reliable material handling machines to keep it running smoothly. The SENNEBOGEN 835 models are a perfect fit for us, “says Dawson.

Wally Dawson is especially pleased with the efficiency and economic and environmental benefits of the electrically-powered SENNEBOGEN 835 special.

“Taking into account the soaring cost of diesel, our savings on fuel and maintenance are considerable,” he says. “Combine that with decreased vibration, low noise emissions, and the environmental benefits of going electric, and you have a real winner. It really is a ‘green’ machine. Everything is just so much smoother with the electric motor. The only maintenance required is checking the hydraulic fluid, as opposed to changing engine oil every 250 hours.”

According to SENNEBOGEN President Constantino Lannes, “The overall reduction of vibration with an electric machine can significantly prolong the life of the machine.”

The 835 special never moves. Aided by one of the rubber-tired 835 M models, it processes about 1000 tons of scrap daily, keeping the electrically-powered 6000 HP Wendt Heavy Shredder its serves well fed.

On its pedestal, the machine offers its operator an eye level of 37 feet and features a 61 foot reach. The machine’s hydraulic elevating cab allows operators to get up and see into the load. 

Operators at PSC Metals appreciate the generous 61’ reach of this SENNEBOGEN 835.

Dawson and his operators like the fact that there are no computers on board their 835 models, which all offer simple direct pilot operated hydraulics. “It means more reliability, less problems and less downtime,” says an appreciative Dawson. “The Timken plant appreciates the investment we have made to keep their source of supply constant.” The shredder manager also really appreciates the fact that they have a fixed 835 A special. According to Dawson, he likes to know that nothing will change in terms of meeting his customers’ requirements.

“Best Service Ever”

Dawson is particularly pleased with the service he receives from Gibson Machinery, the Cleveland-based SENNEBOGEN dealer from whom all four of the Canton facility’s 835 machines were purchased.

“It was great working with PSC Metals on this project,” says Lee Gibson. “They had already seen the value of SENNEBOGEN and quickly appreciated what the electric machine could bring to their operators.”

“It is the best service I’ve ever received,” says Dawson. “I couldn’t be happier with the effort that Lee Gibson and his crew make to keep us up and running. They understand what we require of the equipment and what is at stake to maintain the machine’s uptime and availability. They really get it.”

SENNEBOGEN and the PSC Metals Canton facility are indeed a perfect fit.


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