Tools & Tips

Tools & Tips

Help yourself to our library of helpful “tools & tips”  – a collection of documents produced at Marketing Strategies & Solutions to help our clients with various aspects of their communications planning.

Breaking New Ground – Step by Step: an annotated version of the Marketing process model that appears on our main “Strategies” page.

Building Your “Brand”: an overview of why effective branding is important to your markets and how to begin building brand equity for your business.

Trade Talk – Getting the Most out of Your Trade Show: based on Robert Adeland’s popular Sales Training Seminar, a summary of essential planning and sales practices for a successful trade show exhibit.

Rebooting Your Website – Who, What, Why: How many people come to your website looking for cool programming and graphics? Follow this guide to start planning the kind of content that feeds the needs of all your visitors.

Mastering Time and Space – Media Services: Take back control of your advertising budget with a sound, proactive media plan that saves you time and multiplies the value of your expenditures and exposure. No extra charge!

Internal/External Communications: Find out how to recognize the balance between being open and transparent and keeping certain information privileged and private ensuring all communications are appropriate regardless of the audience.

Project Briefing: Where to start? Follow this structured guideline to organize the kind of information typically needed to complete a project briefing for on-target communications.

We are happy to provide you with these downloads and would be pleased to meet with you to discuss all of your marketing and communication needs further. Contact us today.