Hammond Expands Arctic WAVE Line-Up Of Marine Air Conditioning For Pleasure Craft

Ingersoll, ON Building on the success of a 12 V battery-powered system developed for use on military patrol craft, Hammond Air Conditioning has introduced a new range of Arctic WAVE marine air conditioning systems tailored to the varied electrical systems commonly used on sailboats, catamarans and outboard-powered boats.

Jeff Lemon, President of Hammond Air Conditioning, reports that the new focus on pleasure craft follows a recent request for an air conditioning system to complement a 144 V hybrid DC electric propulsion system marketed by Electric Marine Propulsion (EMP) of Fort Myers Beach, FL. This system is able to produce 20,000 BTU of cooling while drawing just 850 W of electrical power – a 400% improvement over conventional 110 V AC air conditioners powered by a diesel generator system.

Interior of Tang with a number of A/C outlets for maximum comfort.

Customers of EMP have given the 144 V system an enthusiastic welcome, due to its exceptional efficiency coupled with clean, quiet operation. With a fully charged bank of batteries, the Arctic WAVE system can cool the salon and state rooms overnight while the boat is at anchor, and without requiring the boat’s generator to supply power. The 144 V units have been installed in boats up to 60 feet in length.

As a result, Hammond has adapted the technology to suit smaller boats with 24 V, 48 V and 96 V electrical supplies, rated from 8000 BTUs and up.

Quiet, convenient battery power

The long-lasting AGM or lithium-ion battery sets can be recharged using shore power, onboard generators, solar collectors or wind power, using a regeneration system with the boat under sail. According to Lemon, Arctic WAVE systems greatly improve the energy efficiency no matter how the batteries are charged. “The recharging system works at a steady draw, with no surges or fluctuations. This allows you to set up your primary source, such as a generator, to run at its optimal efficiency for that one purpose. Because the generator is matched perfectly to power requirement, you never have the extra fuel or maintenance costs that go with using an oversized or undersized engine.”

Boat owners especially appreciate battery power at night, when the cooling system can keep temperatures and humidity down without the noise of the generator starting up each time the air conditioner cycles.

Easy, efficient installation

The installation of Arctic WAVE components also allows for more efficient operation. A compact condenser and motor are tucked into any convenient area of the boat, while the evaporator, fan and control are located in the space to be cooled. The system is plumbed easily, with just one electrical bundle plus a small-diameter tube to carry refrigerant between the condenser and evaporator, with no ductwork to install. “Our evaporators blow freely in the living areas of the boat,” Lemon continues. “There is no energy wasted on pushing cooled air through constricted conduits.”

By eliminating ductwork, Arctic WAVE systems are also ideal for retrofitting older boats with a cooling system.

A single compressor unit can supply multiple evaporators located in different sections of the boat. The temperature for each area, such as the salon or bunk, can be adjusted individually and turned off completely when not in use.

The surprisingly small evaporators will fit into any available storage space. An exterior trim kit is easily customized to match the design of the living space. Standalone units are also available to allow mounting on a shelf or countertop.

Hammond Air Conditioning is the world’s recognized leader in integrated aftermarket air conditioning systems for all types of equipment, trucks and boats. Arctic Wolf, Arctic WAVE and Arctic BREEZE systems represent today’s most compact, reliable, energy-efficient AC solutions for all leading OEM brands, backed by the best in factory support and parts service. With more than 30 years experience, Hammond’s supports systems for more than 700 different vehicle types – from mini-excavators to motor graders, from heavy mining and construction equipment to material handlers and marine applications.

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