London communications agency puts company dinner on the table for Food Bank

London, ON Robert Adeland, President of Marketing Strategies & Solutions, was thinking over plans for holiday dinner with his staff when he heard Glenn Pearson on the radio with Steve Garrison. Pearson’s appeal for help for the London Food Bank struck a chord. “I thought … we’re all working; we’ll all have plenty to eat over the Christmas break. Maybe we should be putting something on the table for our neighbours this year!”

Did you ever wonder what 500 lbs. of food looked like inside a Mustang?

Adeland consulted with his staff and all agreed to turn their dinner into a gift for others in need. “We just took the money we had earmarked for our staff dinner and went shopping for groceries. With that, we were able to deliver almost 500 lbs. in canned goods, cereals and staples to the Food Bank.”

“We’re just a small company,” Adeland continued. “But you can see here how a little thought can go a long way to make the season more festive for everyone.”

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Photo: (l to r) Some of the Marketing Strategies & Solutions’ Team: Lyn Ibson, Adam Savage, Erin Pienaar, Harley, Robert Adeland, Mina Thaler, Jim Gruber