Marketing Strategies & Solutions initiative creates special fund for Banting House National Historic Site’s Curator

London, ON – Grant Maltman, Curator of Banting House National Historic Site (BHNHS) and Robert Adeland, President of Marketing Strategies & Solutions began planning a unique fundraising program a few years ago. The objective was to provide BHNHS with some of its own funding. “As a museum, we need to have discretionary funds that will allow us to acquire Tier 1 artifacts that tell the Banting history,” said Maltman.

This led to the creation of Banting’s 4 Seasons. According to Adeland, this is a work in progress and at this time, is half-way through its mandate. With two of Banting’s pieces of original artwork, each was painstakingly scanned to maintain the integrity of the color and then printed on archival quality paper. “By only printing 250 copies, we have created a unique series of artwork by one of Canada’s greatest Canadians,” said Adeland. “Furthermore, to ensure the validity of each copy, they have been numbered, signed and authenticated by Grant.”

They both felt that with the potential to raise $250,000 that the Canadian Diabetes Association would be able to dedicate the funds it raises to achieving its mandate of research, service, education and advocacy.

Maltman was very appreciative of Marketing Strategies & Solutions. “They took all the risk off the table and to date, we have raised just over $70,000.

To learn more about Dr. Banting the artist, his relationship with A.Y. Jackson and to have an insight to his artistic vision and his love of the Canadian Landscape, click on either or both of the 2 PDF files. Find out how to own a limited edition print from one of Canada’s world-renowned physician, humanitarian and artist.

To learn more about diabetes, visit the Canadian Diabetes Association’s website.