New 144 V Air Conditioning System Keeps Hybrid-Powered Sailboats Cool, Quiet And Diesel-Free!

Hammond Air Conditioning has introduced a new version of its Arctic WAVE system tailored to suit E-Motion hybrid propulsion.

Ingersoll, ON “When Jeff called back a couple of months later, I could “hear” the smile on his face!” Dave Tether, the CEO of Electric Marine Propulsion (EMP) in Ft. Myers Beach, FL, had been hoping for good news from Jeff Lemon, the President of Hammond Air Conditioning. Lemon was reporting back on a project that his company had undertaken for EMP, to develop a new high-efficiency air conditioning system compatible with the 144 V power supply of Tether’s E-Motion hybrid electric propulsion system for sailboats.

“After Jeff first looked over our test bed, a 47 ft. Lagoon catamaran, he thought he could design a compatible system producing about 15,000 BTUs of cooling. But the 144 V system he actually came up with far exceeded anyone’s expectations.”

The Tang Boat with Arctic BREEZE 144 V AC system installed.

Evolved from Hammond AC’s proven 12 V DC technology for trucking applications, the new Arctic WAVE marine air conditioning system will generate up to 20,000 BTUs, while it draws just 850 W from the E-Motion battery packs.

More control, a better sleep

Tether feels that the 144 V Arctic WAVE is a dramatic step forward for hybrid power in sailing. “In our first trial, the system cooled our salon and bedrooms from 85o down to 70oF in about 18 minutes! And we can easily run the AC all night without any recharging.”

Jeff Lemon says that one reason for the superior efficiency of the Arctic WAVE system is its use of multiple evaporators throughout the boat. “We don’t try to push cool air through a duct;” he explains, “we just pump the refrigerant to where it’s needed.” Each living space gets its own evaporator, fan and refrigerant line, with its own temperature control so the cooling can be turned off where it is not needed.

For many boat owners, the best part of battery-driven air conditioning will be the chance to enjoy a cool and quiet night’s sleep without the noise of a generator cycling on and off all night long.

Less wear, less work

Using the generator to recharge batteries, instead of powering the electrical system directly, conserves fuel and reduces wear on the generator. Jeff Lemon explains: “The recharging system draws at one constant speed, with no surge demands, so you can use a smaller genset to run at optimum efficiency.”

Dave Tether notes that the Arctic WAVE system itself is a simple, low maintenance addition to his boat’s utilities. “I was surprised,” he admits. “It’s entirely off-the-shelf parts. You wouldn’t need advanced technical skills to service it yourself.” Tether says that his propulsion system is designed for an operating life of up to 150,000 hours – “It will last as long as the fiberglass!” – and the air conditioning system will last equally long.

A warm reception

Battery-powered air conditioning has turned out to be one cool idea that E-Motion customers are warming up to it. Featured at the Strictly Sail area at the Miami International Boat Show, Tether sold several Arctic WAVE systems for new boats equipped with the E-Motion Pro. Every E-Motion customer since then has included Arctic WAVE air conditioning with their 144 V propulsion system. E-Motion systems are now powering many of the most popular makes of 40 ft. to 60 ft. craft, including catamarans and monohull boats from Lagoon, Gunboat and Tag. “We recently received an Arctic WAVE order for the Tang,” says Tether. “It’s a fast new 60 ft. carbon-fiber catamaran by Tag. The owner has already decided to pull out the original air conditioning system and replace it with an Arctic WAVE.”

Interior of Tang with a number of A/C outlets for maximum comfort.

With the success of the 144 V Arctic WAVE, Hammond is expanding the line with lower voltage systems for smaller boats. Jeff Lemon says that he is stocking battery-powered 12 V and 24 V Arctic WAVE air conditioners now, with outputs from 8,000 to 14,000 BTU. New 48 V and 96 V systems will be available soon.

Diesel-free comfort

Dave Tether of Electric Marine Propulsion is on a mission to convert the sailing world from diesel auxiliary power to hybrid electric technology. “The pollution from pleasure craft has the same impact on our oceans as five Exxon Valdez spills, every year. And the cost of diesel fuel is an increasing concern for boat owners. Our hybrid electric systems can help save the oceans, and save costs, too.”

Tether’s E-Motion systems provide 144 V power for both propulsion and onboard electrical circuits. Diesel-fuelled engines and inefficient generators are replaced by electric motors with sets of advanced long-life AGM or lithium-ion batteries. The batteries can recharge quickly with shore power or a backup onboard genset, but the E-Motion system is also able to restore battery power without consuming any fossil fuel at all with either onboard solar panels or regeneration under sail!

The E-Motion hybrid drive includes a regeneration system which converts wind power to electric power. While under sail, the motion of the boat turns its propeller, which sends about 3 kW of electricity back to the batteries. “On a windy day,” says Tether, “the boat can return to the dock with more power than when it left.”

400% higher efficiency

Air conditioning is the largest single draw on the power system, after propulsion itself. Conventional air conditioners rely on AC circuits powered by generators and inverters. Tether turned to Hammond Air Conditioning to design a way to extend the benefits of E-Motion propulsion to air conditioning.

Hammond is one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of mobile aftermarket air conditioning systems. The first 12 V Arctic WAVE units were developed for use on U.S. Navy patrol boats. According Hammond’s President and chief innovator, Jeff Lemon, the higher voltage of the E-Motion system allowed Hammond to achieve new levels of efficiency.

“Altogether, the new Arctic WAVE 144 V system is 400% more efficient than any comparable marine air conditioning,” Tether claims. “Whether you recharge with wind power, shore power or a generator, E-Motion power is twice as efficient as diesel. Then, with the 144 V components developed by Hammond, Arctic WAVE is twice as efficient as traditional air conditioning. You get 400% more cooling power for the energy cost you put into it.”

Hammond Air Conditioning is the world’s recognized leader in integrated aftermarket air conditioning systems for all types of equipment, trucks and boats. Arctic Wolf, Arctic WAVE and Arctic BREEZE systems represent today’s most compact, reliable, energy-efficient AC solutions for all leading OEM brands, backed by the best in factory support and parts service. With more than 30 years experience, Hammond’s supports systems for more than 700 different vehicle types – from mini-excavators to motor graders, from heavy mining and construction equipment to material handlers and marine applications.

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