“Raising Expectations”

Winkle Industries

Objective: Move Winkle’s positioning from a manufacturer of commodity equipment into a value-added solutions provider.

Strategy: Encourage customers to expect a higher level of expertise, service and commitment from their material handling equipment supplier.

Solution:“Raising Expectations” trade show exhibit.

SCA AwardResults/Commentary: With versions of this exhibit tailored to key market segments, graphics and text set the agenda for sales contacts that led Winkle to a growing number of valuable sole-source customer agreements. Winkle has emerged as a preferred partner to its customers, rather than a periodic provider of off-the-shelf products and parts. Sharing this message and vision internally helped to drive a significant move forward in Winkle’s own corporate culture, enabling continuous service improvements and innovation.

This booth was selected for a Summit Creative Award by the Summit International Awards group in the trade show category.