Sommers Motor Generator Sales Ltd. Welcomes A New Generation Of Management

Tavistock, ON – Kenneth Sommers, President of Sommers Motor Generator Sales, is pleased to announce that the company recently completed a smooth transfer of Sommers’ ownership to two of its most senior employees of the next generation. Operational management is now in the hands of the current General Manager, Chris McGregor, and Patrick Sommers, Vice President of Operations.

(l-r) Chris McGregor, General Manager and Patrick Sommers, Vice President of Operations are the current Sommers Motor Generator Sales management team.

Kenneth Sommers and his wife, Roberta (Bobbie) Sommers, remain shareholders of the business and will continue to serve as consulting directors.

Patrick Sommers, the son of Kenneth and Bobbie Sommers, is the third generation of Sommers to take an ownership role in the firm, and he represents the continuity of Sommers Motor Generator Sales as a family business. “Our company has always taken pride in building its future on the quality of our aftersale service, “said Ken Sommers. “As senior manager of the Sommers service team, Patrick has been safeguarding our most valued tradition for the past 5 years. He has been working at my side since his youth and his 360 degree knowledge of the generator business makes him a natural leader today.”

Chris McGregor came to Sommers directly from his school years in 1998 and quickly made his value felt, not only for his technical knowledge of electrical power generation but also for his organizational skills and strategic vision. Learning the Sommers’ way of developing products and serving customers from the ground up, he advanced to his current position in 2007. According to Ken Sommers, “Chris’ commitment to Sommers people, our customers and the values of the Sommers’ brand is second to none. We are more than pleased to welcome Chris into our business family.”

Patrick Sommers and Chris McGregor began taking on senior executive responsibilities well before the transfer of ownership was effected. As Patrick reports, “This move has been in the works for quite awhile. We felt it was important to ease into the transition from one generation to the next to make this changing of the guard as seamless as possible for everyone. This kind of forward planning is one of the luxuries of being a family-run business.”

Chris McGregor sees a dynamic future for Sommers under its new leadership. “We have a very strong foundation here in the knowledge of Sommers people and quality of the Sommers’ products. Patrick and I have had the opportunity to build a very complementary relationship, which will allow us both to build on our strengths and to move effectively on new opportunities.”

Ken Sommers will retain his title as President of the company. “With my lightened load, I very much look forward to devoting some long-overdue time to the homefront and celebrating life with my grandchildren. So many exciting prospects are in store for our company and our industry, I can hardly say goodbye to it all just yet!” He plans to be a frequent presence in the Sommers office as he mentors the new executive team at the board table and in the field.

About Sommers

Located in Tavistock, Ontario, Sommers Motor Generator Sales Ltd. has been a trusted name in generating, delivering and applying electrical power for almost 75 years. Generator systems are Sommers’ only business. Today, Sommers is the leading Canadian manufacturer of packaged generator systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications and has the largest privately held inventory of generators for sale or rent from 3 kW to 2 MW.

Along with the Sommers Signature Series of packaged standby generators, Sommers offers a complete range of customized standby, PTO and off-grid generator power solutions. As a generator specialist backed by proven technical experience and the country’s most extensive aftermarket service and parts facilities, Sommers is the “Power House” to depend on.

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