“Managing Risk”

Timberland Equipment

“Managing Risk”


Elevate the level of dialog on the specification and purchase of heavy-duty hoists and winching systems for large-scale projects such as offshore mooring systems, power transmission, construction material handling and underground lifts for mining.


Develop the corporate brochure to highlight how Timberland’s integrated engineering, manufacturing and in-field work “under one roof” has its greatest value at the highest levels, where long-term risk and profitability are primary needs; demonstrate Timberland’s unique stature in the industry by showcasing a collection of “marquee” projects that senior project executives are likely to recognize as proven successes on the global stage.


“Managing Risk” corporate brochure and project portfolio


Timberland’s senior management was initially pleased to have its “value added” story articulated in a way that sales engineers could present clearly and efficiently. Reports from the field confirmed that staff were gaining access to decision-makers at new levels. Doors open as a result of their greater confidence in delivering the corporate message and from the excellent customer response at key trade shows and conferences.

MEA AwardTimberland has made significant gains in getting involved earlier in the specification and bid process, building relationships that have led to a higher rate of winning bids. In particular, Timberland recently described a major Asian project which had effectively short-listed to a single vendor, but re-opened the bidding process after Timberland made an additional presentation based on the “Managing Risk” message. The project was subsequently awarded to Timberland.

This brochure was selected for a Marketing Effectiveness Award by the Summit International Awards group in the b2b product category.