“Tribute” advocacy ads


“Tribute” advocacy ads


Motivate local businesses to take an active role in the charitable needs of their community, taking their lead from the example set by the Zubick family


Utilize the back cover of the Tribute Dinner program produced by the St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation, offered to the Zubick family as a key sponsor, to exemplify the spirit of sharing for local businesses to emulate; represent the overall need for businesses to engage and provide leadership for the causes they value; develop a message and example that the Foundation can use to promote its programs to business audiences.


A “blessing is not a blessing until it is shared” ad series


The Zubick family, owners of a prosperous recycling business in London, are long-time supporters of St. Joseph’s but prefers to maintain a low profile in its charitable work. Its support for the Tribute Dinner earns a back cover position on the dinner program, reaching an audience of over 1,000 business and community leaders. Recognizing the opportunity to generate more support for charities in the community, the Zubicks sponsored an ad based on their belief that a “blessing is not a blessing until it is shared.” The concept was well received by St. Joseph’s staff, who are accustomed to receiving ads that focus only on the vested business interests of the sponsors.

MEA AwardThe foundation and communications group at the hospital adopted the theme from this ad to spearhead its year-round approach to London businesses. Variations on the overall theme of sharing and community service have established a consistent direction for the Zubick’s back-cover ads in annual editions of the Tribute program.

This program was selected for a Marketing Effectiveness Award by the Summit International Awards group in the non-profit category.