“We’ll Look After The Uptime”


“We’ll Look After The Uptime”


Build understanding of how Winkle’s expanded capabilities and “solutions” can change the basis of supplier relationships for material handling in the steel industry.


Appeal to customers’ interest in focusing their in-house staff on core competencies to highlight Winkle’s positioning as a potential outsourcing partner.


“We’ll Look After The Uptime” corporate ad.


The ongoing effort to reposition Winkle led to a rapid rise in sales and production volume, a dramatic increase in engineering staff and expansion of the physical plant.

With images depicting a variety of these material handling operations in steel mills, this ad immediately establishes the diversity that distinguishes Winkle’s product offering from all competitors. The heading and text then shift the focus from the actual products to the “end-to-end” support capabilities.

The impact of these ads is reflected in a progressive increase in traffic to the Winkle website. Key prospects have taken time to tour the Winkle facility, and commented that the website was a major factor in their decision to find out more about the company.

MEA AwardThe Winkle Sales Department reports that Winkle’s message is “getting noticed” in the industry overall, as strong prospects for its sales network are now approaching the company with an interest in representing Winkle to their customers.

The full page ad was selected as a Marketing Effectiveness Award winner by the Summit International Awards group in the corporate/image category.