“Clean & Green”


“Clean & Green”


Build the online brand for environmentally-friendly wet cleaning services positioned against traditional dry cleaning.


Design the website to highlight the consumer benefits of chemical-free, odor-free garment cleaning supported by value-added premium services and trial promotions.


Clean & Green website


The “Move up to a fresher kind of clean” home page focuses on the primary needs and wants of cleaning customers, establishing that wet cleaning is better for your clothing as well as being better for the environment.

A unique “Click and Sniff” daisy button adds a novelty that reflects “fresh” clothing and safe cleaning while it reinforces the sense that wet cleaning makes a difference that you can really sense.

A promotional offer is repeated throughout the website to enable an immediate response from visitors. The invitation to sign-up for the Fresh ‘n Press email newsletter offers to keep potential customers in touch with the Fresh ‘n Press message while providing coupon incentives to trythe service.

Rotating on-page banners feature additional services for specialty needs as well as recycling services to add a lively, eye-catching element to every page.