eZcycle E-Waste Recycling


eZcycle E-Waste Recycling


Create initial brand awareness and understanding of a new roadside collection facility to help consumers and small businesses in the London area to divert e-waste from landfills by disposing of unwanted electronics safely.


Create a unique consumer-friendly brand to represent easy recycling of e-waste. Support the launch with prominent roadside graphics and custom e-waste receptacles at the collection depot, and stage an opening day event to attract media attention to the purpose and use of the new depot. Retain brand elements that associate the depot with the trusted service and citizenship of John Zubick Ltd.


eZcycle E-Waste Recycling


“eZcycle” makes e-waste recycling easier and more secure than existing programs, which typically have a low profile within retail locations. It provides a highly visible, secure, collection depot that users can access any time of day or night and takes appropriate measures to protect the privacy of any data contained on electronic devices.

MEA AwardThe launch event and PR effort attracted extensive news coverage in local print media as well as live interviews with the Zubicks on local talk radio programs. On opening day, eZcycle was able to divert 13,880 lbs. of e-waste from the landfill, with hundreds of visitors attending and ready to support the initiative. The roadside depot continues to attract drop-offs everyday, around the clock, and management now plans to roll out a mobile program for neighborhood collections and nearby communities.