Productivity by the Power of SENNEBOGEN


Productivity by the Power of SENNEBOGEN


Capitalize on the flexibility of SENNEBOGEN’s specialized engineering and production processes to maximize its share of the growing market for purpose-built scrap handling equipment powered by electric drive.


Switch the communications focus from the economic benefits of electrically powered equipment to the availability of SENNEBOGEN electric-drive machines. Build on SENNEBOGEN’s recognized capability to deliver highly customized machines quickly, while demonstrating the depth of its installed fleet already operating in recycling yards throughout North America. Create a series of ads presenting a common theme supported by images showcasing a range of different working units on varied recycling sites.


“Productivity by the Power of SENNEBOGEN” ad series


The “power” of SENNEBOGEN is its singular focus on purpose-built machines and the flexibility of its manufacturing processes to adapt to unique customer needs. This flexibility has allowed SENNEBOGEN to develop a full range of electric-drive machines very quickly, allowing customers to switch from diesel to electric drive sooner, and without sacrificing their preferred sizes, configurations and features for scrap-handlers. While competitors struggle with delivery challenges, SENNEBOGEN has deployed a large fleet of successful electric-drive machines throughout the recycling market as well as port and forestry applications. The promise of relatively short lead times and the ability to demonstrate working machines in many locations has allowed SENNEBOGEN to open doors and establish itself as the dominant player in the electric-drive market.