“The Right Choice” website


“The Right Choice” website


Rebuild the corporate website for increased search engine visibility and visitor-friendly navigation.


Develop a standard HTML website, using SEO* best practices, with supplementary menu links tailored to the individual interests of selected target audiences.


“The Right Choice For Portable Traffic Control”


While North America Traffic offers a highly focused and specialized range of products, the greatest challenge in the navigation design was to lead buyers with dramatically different needs to the appropriate features and benefits.

Since portable traffic signals are a relatively new jobsite safety category, the home page was designed to help visitors visually identify the major product categories. Along with the familiar menu bar navigation, a secondary was included to highlight various top-of-mind issues for different types of buyers.

SCA AwardVisitors from government agencies, engineering firms and project contractors can quickly learn how North America Traffic technology responds to needs ranging from regulatory compliance to onsite servicing or customized controls.

We are very proud to announce the win of a 2012 Summit Creative Award for the design of this website.

* SEO: Search Engine Optimization