Westcon Equipment Welcomes SENNEBOGEN to Equipment Line-Up

Winnipeg, MB –SENNEBOGEN and Westcon Equipment & Rentals Ltd. have joined forces to offer purpose-built material handling equipment to customers in Manitoba. As of March 1, 2012, Westcon will be SENNEBOGEN’s Manitoba dealer.

SENNEBOGEN 830 M-T at work loading a truck

It didn’t take long for the SENNEBOGEN Regional Sales Manager to recognize the similarities between these two companies and seized the opportunity to formalize a dealership arrangement with Westcon Equipment & Rentals.

Constantino Lannes, President of SENNEBOGEN LLC understands that synergy is key when choosing a new dealer to join the SENNEBOGEN family. “As Westcon and SENNEBOGEN are family oriented organizations, both very focused on meeting the needs of their customers, we knew that we had a great fit. We are very fortunate to have them as part of our team.”

Westcon’s equipment dealership is based in Winnipeg. Partners Brian Brown & Mike Smiegielski are excited at the potential that SENNEBOGEN has to fill a much needed gap in their current equipment line-up. “Volvo does not offer similar product, so the addition of SENNEBOGEN to our line-up will only compliment an already strong product offering,” said Smiegielski.

Local demand for a purpose-built material-handler
It took almost no time at all to prove the demand for SENNEBOGEN material handlers was there. Westcon lined up their first customer almost immediately. Tolko, a sawmill located 6 hours north of Winnipeg came forward as a perfect candidate for a SENNEBOGEN material-handler and they took delivery of a new unit in mid-March of 2012.

According to Smiegielski, because of their geographic location forestry is not their main industry focus, however it just made sense. Tolko would be able to benefit from the unique features that SENNEBOGEN has to offer. For the past several years Tolko has been running other equipment before acquiring their SENNEBOGEN 830 M-T. They are pleased with the performance of their new SENNEBOGEN and should a second one be required they would not hesitate to add another SENNEBOGEN to their fleet.

Small market, big opportunity
With a population of 1.2 million and over half of them living in Winnipeg, Westcon has fewer opportunities to capitalize on it. We have to keep an ear to the ground and stay connected to learn about upcoming projects. Having a material-handler as unique and purpose-built as SENNEBOGEN will allow us to participate in every opportunity in the region and will help our customers increase their overall productivity,” said Smiegielski.

According to Brown, “Construction, scrap & recycling as well as rail repair & rail dismantling facilities are the major markets for the SENNEBOGEN material-handlers in Manitoba. With the addition of SENNEBOGEN, we have the flexibility to meet the needs of these markets”.

To support the addition of SENNEBOGEN equipment, the team at Westcon will get extensive in-house training directly from SENNEBOGEN staff experts. So far Smiegielski is impressed by what he has experienced with the support offered by SENNEBOGEN. “It’s been a short time to develop a relationship but we like what we see in the product and in the people. It’s obvious that this product is customer driven and the team really knows their product. This will help us immensely as we go forward.”

SENNEBOGEN has been a leading name in the global material handling industry for over 60 years. Based in Stanley, North Carolina, within the greater Charlotte region, SENNEBOGEN LLC offers a complete range of purpose-built machines to suit virtually any material handling application. Established in America in the year 2000, SENNEBOGEN LLC has quickly become a leading provider of specialized equipment solutions for recycling and scrap metal yards, barge and port operations, log-handling, transfer stations and waste facilities from coast to coast. A growing network of distributors supports SENNEBOGEN LLC sales and service across the Americas, ensuring the highest standard of professional machine support and parts availability.

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