Groundbreaking ceremony for the new BEKA plant in Wannberg

Pegnitz, Germany – Recently, the groundbreaking ceremony for a new plant took place on the BEKA site in Wannberg.

As a result of the steady growth of BEKA and its global operations, along with the introduction of many new product lines serving industries across the globe, BEKA is expanding its manufacturing facility in the Pottensteiner district of Wannberg.

According to Sven Pitman, President of BEKAWORLD LP, the 110,000 sq. ft. facility with 300 work stations will be created to help meet the market demand for the new product lines. It will also house the administrative offices and is expected to be completed by this time next year.

In keeping with the corporate philosophy, BEKA management announced that this state-of-the-art facility will incorporate energy efficiency and sustainability. “Not only will it have an environmentally friendly heating system using biomass pellets and heat pumps,” said Pitman, “but the heat of the pumps will also be recovered and recycled back into the system.”

Furthermore, according to BAIER + KÖPPEL President, Bernhard Köppel, “We have been working with the architects to create an exterior that will complement the surrounding region.”

About Beka-Lube Products Inc.

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At the groundbreaking ceremony in Wannberg (from left to right): Rainer Brendel, Second Mayor; Rudolf Brendel; Alois Dechant, Building Contractor; Bernhard Köppel, BAIER + KÖPPEL President; Oswald Lodes, Production Manager; Stefan Frühbeißer, First Mayor of the City of Pottenstein.