New Mack Mag-Grab Features Long-life Durability With All-Day Lifting Strength

Matt Davidson (L) and Craig Mizell introduce the new Mack Mag-Grapple at the 2018 ISRI Show in Las Vegas.

Theodore, AL – At the recent ISRI conference and exhibition in Las Vegas, Nevada, Mack Manufacturing, a leading supplier of premium grade industrial grapples and buckets, introduced a new mag-grab as the latest addition to its product line for the scrap-handling industry.

The combination 4-tine grapple and lifting magnet are offered in 1-yard, 1.5-yard and 2-yard models. The 2-yard grab is fitted with a 44-inch lifting magnet, while the smaller models feature 40-inch magnets.

Mag-grabs typically are used to improve load retention when lifting fine material or to let operators “sweep” the work area clear of ferrous debris during loading operations.

To develop the new product, Mack worked closely with the magnet manufacturer to optimize the attachment. Like all Mack products, the mag-grabs are 100% American engineered and manufactured.

According to Matt Davidson of Mack Manufacturing, there was a great deal of interest in this product at the show. “We feel that this combination will prove to be a very valuable addition to many of our customers and effectively increase their productivity in certain operating situations.”

Continuous Rotation

Like other mag-grabs on the market, the new Mack models also allow continuous rotation of the orange-peel tines, providing extra flexibility and control for operators. The rotator on most grapples is located next to their attachment point. The Mack mag-grabs includes a brushless spindle below the attachment knuckle, so the tines can rotate independent of the attachment point. The tines can elevate above the magnet position, allowing the magnet to sweep right to ground level.

Long-life performance

Mack also highlights the reinforcement ribs forged into each of the orange-peel’s tines, adding extra strength and rigidity to stand up against heavy loads.

The grapple itself is all T1 structural steel with AR400 plate at high wear areas in the tines. Oversized bushings are used at hinge points for longer life and all shafting is heat-treated and stress-relieved 4140 material. Tines are fitted with premium replaceable points.

As all Mack products, all hydraulic cylinders in the mag-grab are manufactured in Mack’s own machine shop.

About Mack Manufacturing

Mack Manufacturing is a global leader in industrial material handling attachments, specializing in heavy-duty hydraulic grapples and buckets for overhead cranes and mobile equipment. Established in 1942, Mack continues to operate as a family-owned business committed to the development of highly-skilled welders, fabricators and support staff. Mack’s head office facility in Theodore, Alabama, is fully equipped to complete every step of attachment manufacturing and remanufacturing tasks under one roof, from engineering to precision machining to final finish.

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